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Can Your AC System Contribute to a Mold Problem

Can Your AC System Contribute to a Mold Problem?

Having mold grow in your home can be dangerous. Typically, when moisture is left unchecked in areas of your home you can have mold growth and a mold problem. Finding the source of the moisture is crucial for stopping it and the problem may be because of your air conditioning system. Here are some ways you can check and make sure your air conditioner is only producing cool air and not mold. 

Can Your AC System Contribute to a Mold Problem?

First I wanted to tell you a bit about how condensation works in your air conditioner. As the air conditioner works it produces cool air that has condensation build up on the coil. Having condensation build up on the coil is perfectly normal and most units are designed this way. The problem happens when that condensation build up is not handled correctly.

Most air conditioners have some sort of tray or pan below the coil and any areas where condensation is expected to build up. The tray collects the water from the condensation and it’s drained from the pan into an outside area. The drain may also be to a down spout if your unit is located on higher levels. As long as the unit is working correctly the water is drained as soon as it’s collected in the tray. But sometimes dust and other debris can build up in the tray and cause the drain to clog.

Once the drain on the unit clogs the water that should drain somewhere safe will likely end up somewhere else in your home that isn’t ideal. Damage to walls and ceilings are common on units that are located in upper levels but for ground level cooling systems the problem may not even be seen until months later. So keeping the drain clean and clear is a must. However, a technician will usually need to be the person who cleans the drain since on most air conditioners the drain is located inside the unit and not accessible to the homeowner.

So What Can You Do?

All is not lost however when it comes to mold problems because of your drain. If you know where the unit drains keep checking for water there. As long as the drain is working properly you should see drops of water coming from the unit while it’s on.

Water From Ducts

The drain isn’t the only place you can get moisture and condensation from your air conditioner. You can also get moisture from the duct work that is in your home. Improperly insulated duct work or leaky duct work can lead to moisture problems as well. If your duct work is run in ceilings you’ll certainly be able to tell when a problem occurs by the stains that will appear on the ceilings. Other areas where ducts can be a problem is in closets where you can sometimes see condensation appear.

Although having a mold problem can be really bad it can be prevented most times by finding the problem early. That’s why annual inspections of your unit are so important. If you haven’t had your unit inspected yet this year make sure you set up an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did.