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4 Warning Signs That You May Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

Whether you like the cold weather of winter or the sizzling heat of summer, when your furnace is on the fritz getting it repaired is a top priority in Michigan weather. Sometimes however the problem isn’t complete failure, it may be failing slowly over time and in need of repairs. If you suspect that you may need furnace repair in Downriver Michigan there are a few things that can be a tell tale sign. We’ve included 4 of the more popular problems that happen over time that should be repaired to make sure the furnace performs as it should.

4 Warning Signs That You May Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

When the freezing weather gets here, making sure your furnace is operating at peak performance is important. If there is a problem with your furnace it will usually show up in several ways. The biggest that most people see initially is the higher energy bills. It’s not uncommon for your energy bills to double if your furnace is in need of repairs. Over time, this can really add up in costs and if you notice a spike in energy bills be sure to get the furnace checked out by a qualified technician. Here is more warning signs that your furnace may be failing and in need of repairs:

4 Warning Signs That You May Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

Increasing Energy (Electric & Gas) Bills

Some problems will cause a huge spike in energy bills that is apparent. However, gradually failing components can also cause the unit to use more energy over time. You may see your energy bills go up month over month. Even if you have a gas powered furnace, you may still see this increased energy consumption on your electric bill depending on how your system is setup and the component that is beginning to fail. A routine inspection of the system will usually give an indication of the failing component even if it has not completely failed.

Strange Noises and/or Smells

Many furnaces give strange noises and can certainly frighten kids when they get around the area where the furnace is located. Usually these noises are caused by the components heating up including the ducting for the furnace. While these noises can be heard during normal operation sometimes there is a change in the noises which can indicate a problem. More modern furnaces are quieter than older models.

Another problem you should be aware of is strange smells that come from the furnace. These smells can be around the furnace or coming out of the vents in your home. If you smell anything off then it’s always best to get the furnace checked to ensure everything is okay. Don’t take chances, as this is a very dangerous situation if there is toxic fumes or gases leaking into your home.

Dramatic Temperature Swings

The furnace in your home is controlled by the thermostat. For most thermostats the temperature difference should be about 5 degrees. If you notice dramatic swings in the temperature then you may have a problem with either your furnace or thermostat. You can check this by using a household thermometer to determine how much the difference in the temperature is. If the temperature swings are more than 5 or 6 degrees it’s a good idea to get the system checked.

Changes in Operation

Most homes have a furnace that is installed for years or even decades. The typical usage of the furnace is usually the same each year and for the most part, remains unchanged. If you’ve had your furnace for a while chances are you know the familiar sounds that it makes along with the color of the flame and the temperature swings. If a problem occurs with the unit the normal operation will be disrupted which is often a tell tale sign of failure. If something seems amiss with your furnace or you notice any of the problems above it’s always best to get furnace repair in Downriver Michigan as quickly as possible.

Call a Professional Technician for Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

If you have a problem with your furnace don’t wait until it completely stops functioning and leaves you spending a cold night at home. Instead call a professional technician such as Michigan HVAC Pros to get the furnace checked and if needed, repaired. Contact us today for more details.