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Are Zoned HVAC Systems in Michigan a Good Choice

Are Zoned HVAC Systems in Michigan a Good Choice?

Everyone that doesn’t have a zoned HVAC unit in their homes can usually tell you which room in their home is always colder or warmer than the rest. Many times, it’s rooms like bedrooms that just doesn’t stay the same temperature as the thermostat and it can make for a rough night of sleeping. Zoned HVAC systems work to remove this temperature difference and give you sustained comfort thoughout your home no matter which room you live in.¬†

Are Zoned HVAC Systems in Michigan a Good Choice?

For larger homes, getting the entire house within a few degrees is sometimes pretty difficult with normal HVAC units. There could be a variety of reasons why. The sunlight may heat one side of the home in morning and the other side in the evening hours making different rooms different temperatures. This is one of the most common problems with units that are not zoned. Fortunately there are zoned HVAC units available that can solve this problem. But is it a good choice for your Michigan home? We’ll look closer at zoned HVAC systems and figure out if they are good for Michigan homes.

How Large is Your Home?

If you live in a larger home then chances are you’re going to need a zoned HVAC system. For homes or townhouses less than 1000 square feet you may not get the benefit of a zoned HVAC unit. Also if your floor plan is very open in smaller houses you may not get a benefit from a zoned system.

Larger homes can benefit greatly from a zoned HVAC system especially here in Michigan. For homes with multiple floors zoned HVAC systems can be very good. Because larger homes have more ducts and registers, getting the same airflow to each can be difficult. Because of this, some rooms in the home will be warmer or cooler than the rest. That’s where zoned HVAC units come in and solve the problem.

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How Does Zoned HVAC Systems Work?

With a normal HVAC unit your home’s temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Some make the mistake of thinking a digital thermostat means they have a zone system but that isn’t the case. That single thermostat is the only way for your HVAC system to know what the temperature is on the interior of your home. That single thermostat can’t tell what temperature the bedrooms, kitchen, or any other area is. The thermostat only knows the temperature at the location of the thermostat.

With a zoned system, your home is set up in zones. The larger the home is the more zones it may have. Each one of these zones are controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat let’s warmer air or cooler air in by use of dampeners in the ducting. You’re still using the same main unit but it’s like each zone has it’s own comfort setting. They work extremely well when you have two bedrooms with two different needs in terms of temperature.

If you’re having problems with an area of your home being too hot or cold then by all means talk to a Michigan HVAC company about getting a zoned HVAC system installed in your Michigan home.