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Here Are the Most Common Reasons Behind Uneven Heating In Rooms

If you have ever walked around your Michigan home during the colder months with the heat on, you may notice that some places are warmer than others. This uneven heating can be from room to room, and even in the same room. But what causes it? To prevent cold spots in your home and unnecessarily having to turn up your heater, it is important to understand why this unevenness happens and why you may need to hire an HVAC service technician in Michigan to help. 

Here Are the Most Common Reasons Behind Uneven Heating In Rooms

The vast majority of the time, the issues are caused by problems with the airflow in your home. To fix this, you will need to check out certain areas in your home. Here are some of the areas that you should check to ensure that proper airflow is being met:

Here Are the Most Common Reasons Behind Uneven Heating In Rooms

Vents and Registers

Ventilation is a crucial part of any home. But when these vents are closed or blocked, it can make it impossible to get the full effects of the ventilation system. You should check your vents for any obstructions or dust and clean it out as much as possible. You may need to get a professional to fully clean your system.

You should also remove any furniture, toys or carpeting that may be blocking the vents. This will obstruct the airflow and make it harder for the heat to be evenly spread. And if you have pets, ensure they are not sleeping on vents, especially in floor return vents.


Obviously, if you have a draft in your window it will effect the heating of your home. But the glass itself can also be a problem. If you have a thinner pane of glass in your windows, you can end up with colder spots in that area. This can be minor like directly around the windows, or even the whole room if the windows are large enough. Be aware of failed windows which have condensation in between the glass of the windows. If you notice this condensation that means the window seal is broken and need to be replaced.

To help create more separation from the interior and exterior of your home, you should consider going with thicker panes of glass. It is recommended that you have at least a half inch of thickness on all your windows. You can also create a better barrier by going with double or triple pane windows. These windows can help trap cold air before it gets in, or make it much harder to get through. When you add gas fillings like argon or krypton that are denser than air, you can also greatly slow down the transfer of heat. This can make it so you can enjoy sitting by the window without being chilly.


While the doors leading to the outside of your home obviously need to be closed, you should try not to close the doors to different rooms. Closing doors in your home can restrict airflow and make it harder for the heat to evenly spread.


If air filters are dirty, they can also have blockages in airflow. You should clean your home’s air filters every two months at least. You can also get higher quality filters that will help prevent build up.

Other Causes

If you are still having issues after confirming the airflow is not the problem, it could be one of these sources:


Air ducts, just like vents can also become dirty and obstructed. To get the best results you should have a professional thoroughly clean them out before it starts getting colder.

Blower Motors

If the motor that blows heat out into your home, you can get very little, if any heat in your home. You should have them checked before the cold weather hits to make sure you don’t end up with no heating when the motor fails.

Unit Size

If the heating system in your home is the wrong size, you can end up with too little or too much heat in your home. This can create improper heating cycles and making it difficult to get a consistent temperature in your home.

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