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Signs Your HVAC System May Need Repair

Signs Your HVAC System May Need Repair

When an HVAC starts having problems it’s not always sudden. In fact, many HVAC systems will start showing symptoms of failing components long before it actually quits. Knowing these symptoms can help you get your HVAC repaired long before it becomes a huge problem. In this article I’ll look at some of the symptoms of a failing HVAC system and what you should do if you determine they are happening to your system. 

Signs Your HVAC System May Need Repair 

These signs can vary from one system to the next and depending on the brand, style, and model of your heating and cooling system they may or may not apply to your HVAC system. Although most of these tips will apply to the majority of systems on the market today.

Is there a Squeaking or Squealing Sound Coming for The HVAC Unit?

Typically when a bearing in a fan motor starts to seize it will start to make a noise. Many times the fan motor bearing will squeal or squeak very loudly. This can happen for weeks before the motor actually fails depending on certain conditions. If your HVAC unit starts to give a loud squeal or squeak like this then it’s very important to get it repaired and get the motor replaced. Waiting until the fan motor seizes may result in other damages to the system.

Some Rooms Are Much Hotter or Cooler Than Others

This is a common problem with a failing air flow system. This is usually caused by bad airflow from the fan blades or either a clogged air filter. As a homeowner you can likely change the filter yourself if you feel comfortable with that. However, cleaning a fan blade or ducts will require a service call. It’s also a good idea to make sure that vents are not blocked by furniture which can also cause this problem. All registers should be open and air flow coming from them when the system is on.

Seems Like it Takes Long Times to Heat or Cool the Home

When a unit starts to fail it puts a large strain on the system that’s why finding out these signs your HVAC system may need repair is so important. It has to work harder in order to maintain the desired temperature that is set on the thermostat. When something happens to the system and it can’t move air properly or there is a freon problem or gas problem it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. You’ll see an increase in your energy bill if the unit is beginning to fail.

Other Loud Noises Coming from the HVAC System

Although there may be some strange clicking noises coming from your HVAC system from time to time it’s important that they are not loud noises. Normal operation of the unit may have some average noises but loud bangs or clicks can indicate problems with the unit. Sometimes it’s caused by valves that aren’t properly closing and opening and may be getting stuck from time to time causing the noises. This can have an impact on the compressor of the unit so be sure to get this check out quickly or you may end up having to replace major components of the HVAC system.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on signs your HVAC System may need repair and hope it helps you. If these signs show up with your system be sure to get it serviced right away to avoid any more damage to the system.

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