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5 Noises You Need to Worry About When Talking About Your Furnace in Downriver Michigan

5 Noises You Need to Worry About When Talking About Your Furnace in Downriver Michigan

Having a furnace that works and is in good condition is a must in Michigan. With cold weather here for the next several months having a furnace that is ready to keep you warm in your home is a must not only to keep you comfortable at home but it can also be dangerous for some of the colder nights. Having a HVAC technician in Downriver Michigan keep your furnace maintained and ready for winter is a must. But sometimes there are problems which arise between regular maintenance which can mean a problem with your furnace. If your furnace makes a noise like some of the ones mentioned here be sure to call a HVAC technician before your furnace stops completely.

5 Noises You Need to Worry About When Talking About Your Furnace in Downriver Michigan

Many home owners neglect routine maintenance on their homes and one item in particular is the heating and cooling system in the home. As long as it is working properly they think that all is ok and nothing to worry about. However, just like other components in your home you’ll need regular maintenance on your home’s furnace as well. Regular maintenance can help to find and prevent problems before they begin. It can also help to make your furnace last longer and use less energy. In any case, if you hear of any of the following noised be sure to get your furnace checked by a licensed professional before it stops working completely.

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No Noise at All

When problems happen with your furnace it can cause a catastrophic failure of the furnace and it stops working completely. This can sometimes be a simple problem such as a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Other problems can be much more serious however. If your furnace does not come on at all or doesn’t make any attempt to come on during colder temperatures it’s best to get it checked by a licensed professional.

A Buzzing Sound

Sometimes when there is a problem with the furnace it may have a buzzing sound coming from it. This buzzing sound can be during times when the furnace is not on as well. In many cases, a buzzing sound is indicative of an electrical problem. Sometimes the problem can be solved with simple maintenance such as cleaning connections on the furnace. Other times can be much more expensive repairs that may be needed.

Squeals or Squeaks

There may be times when your furnace starts to squeak during operation. Since the furnace does have blower motors which can have failing bearing it can start to have problems and bearing that begin to fail. Usually when these bearing begin to fail they will start to squeak. It also puts the blower motor under more pressure and causes it to use more energy. As the bearing seizes it will eventually cause the motor to stop working completely or overheat. Any type of squeaking usually means your furnace will soon quit if it’s not serviced. Sometimes the motor can be cleaned and oiled but most repairs will require a new motor or bearings to be installed.

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Grinding Noises

Another problem that can happen to your furnace is a grinding noise. If the bearings in the motor are severely worn it can start grinding. Much like a squealing sound this can indicate a failing blower motor. But with grinding sounds that can also indicate other problems which you’ll want to have diagnosed. In either case, squealing or grinding be sure to get your furnace serviced as soon as possible.

Bangs and Clunks

As metal heats up it will expand and contract when it gets colder. Some HVAC ducting can become loose and during this contracture and expansion it can bang quite loudly. There are other problems as well if you hear bangs and clunks in your system. In any case, always get your furnace checked when you hear these noises.

Call a Professional HVAC Company

Keeping your furnace working properly means taking some proactive steps to keep it working and in good shape. Be sure to get regular maintenance performed on your furnace and HVAC system. And if you hear any of the noises above or notice any other problems with your furnace be sure to call a professional HVAC company such as Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling today at (734) 818-7141.