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AC Fire Causes and How to Prevent Them in Downriver Michigan

In 2010, 7400 fires caused by issues with faulty air conditioning systems were reported to the National Fire Protection Association. In these incidents, there were hundreds of injuries, 29 deaths, and over 200 million dollars’ in damages. Half of these occurred in the months of June – August. It begs to be answered then: whether or not these fires were preventable. While some of these may not have been preventable, there is a large argument that air conditioning maintenance could greatly reduce the risk for fire and other safety issues. Although these are nationwide stats it should still cause concern for your HVAC system in Downriver Michigan. Knowing what you should look for when it comes to your home’s AC unit or furnace can help you prevent dangerous conditions which may start a fire in your home. 

AC Fire Causes and How to Prevent Them in Downriver Michigan

The thought of a home fire is scary. A home fire can completely destroy your home and everything inside. Proper fire prevention measures can certainly help. Not just from the HVAC side of things but in general. Keeping a fire extinguisher in key areas of the home and making sure your smoke detectors are all working. For your HVAC system keeping it updated and properly maintained can help with fire prevention. Here are some reasons why an HVAC system may catch fire:

AC Fire Causes and How to Prevent Them in Downriver Michigan

Common AC Fire Causes

Without regular maintenance, your AC system can become faulty and could lead to a fire. Worn out filters can accumulate dust and dirt, causing a malfunctioning system. Another cause for an AC related fire could be storing flammable materials near the system. General faulty equipment is also a leading cause for AC system related fires.

Any of these causes damage to the system, resulting in poor indoor quality and increasing the risk of fire. Here is a more in-depth look at the various causes and how to prevent AC fires.

  1. Maintenance Failure – Without regular maintenance, you will not know that parts in the system have become faulty or that they are malfunctioning. An AC system can slowly begin to degrade, until it stops working properly, and can then accumulate heat, causing an excessive increase in temperature.

This can cause any combustibles nearby to overheat and potentially ignite. Regular service and maintenance by a licensed professional is always recommended to prevent this from happening. Faulty parts should be replaced to give you more service time with the system.

  1. Not keeping the system clean – If you don’t clean your air conditioner or change your filters out regularly, you run the risk of the system building up dust and dirt. This can be within the coils, filters, vents, and fins and can obstruct airflow. This can ultimately cause a system malfunction and even a fire.
  2. Storing Flammables Nearby – Anything that is flammable should be kept well away from your air conditioning unit. Due to the heat put off by the unit, keeping these items such as paper, leaves, and debris nearby could result in them catching fire. You want to keep at least a three feet diameter around your unit when at all possible.

Regular Maintenance can Prevent Fires

Having your AC regularly serviced by a professional will save your system from fires. You need to have your system inspected and maintained at least once a year, if not twice, by a true professional AC service company.

A professional will know how to properly clean your system and check to make sure that everything is working properly. Any potential future problems can usually be spotted during routine maintenance, preventing you from waiting to make repairs that may result in long term issues if not done sooner.

Make sure you ignore all the sales gimmicks when you look for a professional to go to for your AC maintenance, as you need to find someone reputable and available for all your AC needs. Having regular maintenance will help prevent fires and provide you with the peace of mind you need.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your home’s HVAC system in Downriver Michigan be sure to contact Michigan HVAC Pros today. We’ll make sure your home’s HVAC system is working as it should and doesn’t have any problems which can put your system at risk.

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