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Best Trade Schools for HVAC in Lincoln Park, Michigan

When you or a family member is choosing a trade school for HVAC in Lincoln Park, Michigan, you want one that’s got an exceptional reputation. What are some of the things you’re looking for a good trade school? Michigan HVAC Pros has done the research to bring you the best trade schools for HVAC, Northwestern Technological Institute (Northwestern Tech) is our #1 choice. Here’s why:

Successful graduation and hire rate: Northwestern Tech boasts a 93% graduation rate. In other words, 9 out of 10 graduates are working in the HVAC field. Northwestern Tech has built strong relationships with hundreds of top heating and cooling employers across the state of Michigan and in the greater Detroit area, so when they’re looking for good employees, they call Northwestern Tech.

We recommend Nor

Short and focused program: Northwestern Tech offers a 10½ month hands-on program that’s 100% student-focused, to give you the one-on-one attention you need to move forward in your career. Students can earn up to 4 national HVAC certifications from seasoned HVAC instructors.

Endorsed: Northwestern Tech is frequently recommended by high school career
counselors and Michigan Works! They’re also a military friendly school.

Affordable: Northwestern Tech is affordable and offers financial aid programs to fit your budget. They want HVAC education to be accessible and affordable to every student.

Convenient scheduling options: If you’re working and need a flexible trade school schedule, Northwestern Tech is here to accommodate you. They offer morning, afternoon, and evening schedules with classes starting throughout the year.

Experienced: Northwestern Tech was established nearly 40 years ago, so they have experience on their side. They know how to get it right and have a tried-and-true program to prove it. Most programs can’t say 9 out of 10 students are hired, but Northwestern Tech can.

NorthWestern Technological Institute Lincoln Park MI

You’ll receive 4 national certifications

Graduates from Northwestern Tech will be certified in the following areas:

  1. EPA 608 Universal
  2. R-410a
  3. EPA 609 Auto Air
  4. TracPipe Installation

In other words, you’ll be highly employable. Being EPA-certified is a big plus when you’re looking for employment in the HVAC industry—it’s a specialty certification that employers find highly desirable. Plus, Northwestern Tech’s instructors have real-world HVAC industry experience, so they know what it’s like to work day-to-day in the heating and cooling business. They’ll share their tips and experience, so you’ll be armed with the best, most up-to-date information when you’re on the job.

HVAC Pros has reviewed and evaluated dozens of HVAC trade schools in Michigan,
and Northwestern Tech is our favorite. Their academic counselors are highly
professional and friendly, so you can sign up and get started without any red tape.

Conveniently located and family-owned

Northwestern Tech is centrally located in Southfield, Michigan, and easily accessible from Lincoln Park, MI. It’s a short commute and easy to find. They have 9 classrooms to accommodate a lot of students, so you won’t have to worry about crowded classrooms. Each field instructor will give you personalized attention to ensure you’ll be successful as an HVAC trade school graduate.

Another plus: Northwestern Tech is not owned by a big corporation, private equity firm or hedge fund – they are 100% family owned. They know each student by name and give them the hands-on experience needed to be successful in the HVAC industry. Their school and family reputation is important to them, so if you have any issues or questions along the way you’ll receive the answers and assistance you need immediately.

Easy to enroll

It’s easy to enroll at Northwestern Tech. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Call 248-358-4006 and schedule an appointment with an admissions advisor. They’ll set up a tour of the school and sit down with you do to discuss the details of the program.
  2. Next, you’ll meet with financial aid advisors to discuss your financial situation and give you the best payment options for your budget. They’ll review your documentation and get you signed up.
  3. You’ll finalize your chosen class schedule and financial aid documentation, agree to the school’s policies and enroll. It’s that easy! There’s always someone knowledgeable at Northwestern Tech to answer your questions and assist you so you can enroll without a hitch.

Learn more to get started

You can learn more about Northwestern Tech by visiting their website at https://northwesterntech.edu. There, you’ll find much more information about their program as well as a lot of positive testimonials from students and graduates. HVAC Pros is proud to endorse this exceptional school and program. If you’re living in Lincoln Park, Michigan or anywhere in the state of Michigan, Northwestern Tech is the best choice if you’d like to work in the HVAC field. Call 248-358-4006 to find out how you can get started on your successful HVAC journey.

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