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Factors That Influence the Cost of AC Replacement in Lincoln Park Michigan

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start up that air conditioner and cool things off. While many homes will experience this, unfortunately, some homeowners will find out that the air conditioner in their homes have finally given up and will need to be replaced. Getting an AC replacement in Lincoln Park Michigan can give you a new system installed and have you back to cool quickly but it can be costly. There are many factors that play a part in the costs associated with an AC replacement which we’ll cover in this post.

Factors That Influence the Cost of AC Replacement in Lincoln Park Michigan

As with any type of HVAC repair or replacement you’ll want to ensure you only use properly licensed and qualified technicians to install the unit. Attempting to install the unit yourself or having a technician that isn’t qualified to install the unit could void the warranty on the unit. And with the costs associated with buying and installing a new AC unit, it’s simply not worth it. If you’re on a budget there are some things you can do to help with the costs. The following factors is often the greatest reasons why the cost varies so much from home to home.

Factors That Influence the Cost of AC Replacement in Lincoln Park Michigan

The Type of AC is a Factor

There are several different types of air conditioners that you may have installed in your home. Two of the most used here in Michigan are the central air package which houses everything in one single unit and air is ducted in the home and out. This is the more common type of AC unit installed. The second type, which isn’t as common, is the split unit. In a split unit there are two parts of the air conditioner. One part is outside and one part is inside. The two units are connected with copper pipes and wires. A split unit has less ductwork and may be installed in additions where installing duct was not affordable. Changing from one type of AC to another can raise the cost of the installation by a huge amount. If you currently have a split unit then chances are it’s best to install a split unit in it’s place.

The Size of the AC Needed Versus What’s Installed

The size of your home will also play a factor in the cost of the AC replacement. Larger homes need larger air conditioners. But many homeowners want overkill when it comes to an air conditioner. While this may not seem like a problem it can significantly cut down on the unit’s energy efficiency and cost more initially and over the long term. Determine what size of air conditioner your home needs and buy that size. You can talk with a contractor about your needs and they can help make recommendations as well. Installing a unit larger than your previous unit may require you to upgrade the ducting that is in your home as well which can drive up the costs of the installation.

How Energy Efficient is the New AC (SEER Rating)

Having an energy efficient AC unit can save money for years to come. But it may cost a little more initially. The SEER rating of an air conditioner is a rating that tells you just how energy efficient the unit it. The higher the SEER rating the better. You’ll need to make the decision if you want increased energy efficiency or an increased price of the installation. Most will recommend that the additional costs of a few more SEER are worth it, however.

Installation Components Needed

If your AC unit is particularly old or doesn’t have a standard installation there may be additional components needed for installation. Racks for raised installations and additional ducting can add costs to the installation of the AC unit. Typically, the installer will inform you of any additional components that are needed.

Additional Components Included

Today, there are many additional components that you can have installed with your AC unit. Dehumidifiers and programmable thermostats, just to name a few. These additional components may be a good idea but they will add to the cost of the AC installation.

Installation Contractor

Another important factor that will influence the cost of the installation is the HVAC contractor you use to get the unit installed. Hire a professional such as Michigan HVAC Pros to install your unit to get the best results.

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