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Should You Replace Your Home’s AC Unit In Winter

Has the air conditioner in your home started to show signs of problems? This summer has been extremely hot and has put many of the AC systems used here in Michigan to the test. Some of those systems may need to be replaced and many homeowners want to do so in the Winter. There are some advantages to installing an AC system in the winter but there are also some problems that you may not be aware of. Michigan HVAC Pros will dig deeper into this concern and help to sort out some of the questions that you may be having if you’re considering getting your AC unit replaced this winter.

Should You Replace Your Home’s AC Unit In Winter

The biggest concern for many homeowners is the cost of the system being installed. A completely new AC system can be quite costly but overall can still be a good investment for your home. Since most of the AC systems today have much better energy efficiency than those from just 10 years ago, it’s easy to see why some homeowners are making the leap to these newer systems. Plus, as time goes on the repair costs for your old system are likely to go up. Here are some reasons why you may want to go ahead and change your HVAC system:

Should You Replace Your Homes AC Unit In Winter

Consider the Current System’s Age

The AC system in your home is designed to last a specific number of years. You can usually tell about how long it should last by the warranty that is offered with the system. If it has a ten-year warranty chances are it won’t last much longer than that. Most have a 5 year warranty with some parts of the system such as the hermetic covered a bit longer. Even for the best AC systems available today you likely won’t get more than 10 to 12 years of service out of them. There are some systems that last much longer but this is usually the average before it starts to need more and more repairs.

Are Breakdowns Common with your Current System

Has the AC system in your home started to break down more and more. A common sign that the system is reaching the end of its useful life is components start to break. While these repairs may be simple and inexpensive to repair the overall cost of continually repairing an AC system is likely more than the cost of a new AC system for your home.

Does Your Current System Provide Enough Cooling?

This summer was one of the hottest summers we’ve seen here in Michigan. Chances are we’ll see that same temperature next year. So if your AC system was struggling to keep your home comfortable during these warmer days it may be time to consider replacing and upgrading the system. A unit that is too small will run continually attempting to cool the area which can be very costly in terms of energy. Upgrade your system to a higher BTU and the unit will likely run less saving energy.

Do You Know How Energy Efficient your Current System is?

As I mentioned above there have been many advancements in energy efficiency for HVAC systems. Even systems made just ten years ago don’t have some of these technologies built-in. By installing a new AC system you can enjoy these cost-cutting energy-efficient benefits.

When Huge Repairs are Needed

If the AC unit you currently have installed needs a major repair that is usually the time when many homeowners decide to replace the unit. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a repair which may only extend the life of the unit a few years, they opt to replace the unit entirely.

Advantages of Purchasing in Winter

There are some advantages that you can enjoy when installing a new AC unit in winter. The biggest advantage is pricing. Most HVAC contractors offer deep discounts when getitng a unit installed off season. The same is true if you were installing a furnace during the summer. You also have more time to choose the system you want and be able to research it before hand. You don’t have the added pressure of an uncomfortable home while choosing. Be sure to contact Michigan HVAC Pros today for your HVAC needs in Michigan.