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Cleaning Your HVAC Unit in Downriver Michigan

Cleaning Your HVAC Unit in Downriver Michigan

There are many parts and components of an HVAC system. One of the enemies that plagues and HVAC system is dust and dirt that make their way into different parts of the system. Although sometimes having your unit cleaned by a professional is advised there are some things you can do yourself when cleaning your HVAC unit in Downriver Michigan. 

Cleaning Your HVAC Unit in Downriver Michigan

Keeping your HVAC unit clean can help prevent problems with the unit as well. Consider how much more strain would be put on an HVAC system if half of the register vents in your home were closed. The back flow of air would certainly start to cause fan motors to overheat and use more energy. In this article I’ll go over some of the areas that you can clean as a home owner.

The Exterior Unit

If you have a heat pump of part of your HVAC unit is located outside then you can clean it. The very first thing to do is make sure there aren’t any leaves, grass, or other debris around the unit. When the unit is running it pulls air through that coil and out the top of the unit. So if there are leaves or grass around the unit even on the ground they can be pulled into the coil and block airflow. Think of this part of the unit as a vacuum because essentially that’s what it is. Cleaning your HVAC unit should start with the exterior unit. Do not stick anything inside the unit if you observe leaves or other debris inside. The unit can come on automatically and you could end up damaging the fan or other parts of the unit.

Cleaning Register Vents

With the HVAC unit turned off you can clean the register vents that are located in the floors or ceilings. Remove any dust and debris from the vents and also the immediate duct work that you’ll have access to if the registers are removable. Also inspect the registers to make sure they are working properly. Sometimes registers can fail and the damper in them will remain closed. If the damper doesn’t open and close like it should you will need to replace it with a new one. A closed damper on the register will stop heat or cool from entering the room where the register is located. You can clean the registers with a vacuum and brush.

Clean the Air Filter Housing and Return Vent

Just like cleaning the register vents you’ll also need to clean the return vent which is where the air filter is likely located. This is one of the main areas that dust builds up on. Take a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any dust that may have accumulated on the vent or surrounding areas. It’s also a good idea to change the air filter regularly on your unit. Each time you are cleaning your HVAC unit it’s best to change the air filter and vice-versa.


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