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Michigan HVAC Certifications : Are They Important?

When you call a technician to come and repair your HVAC unit chances are you don’t think about any of the certifications they have. But just like many other service industries there are things that HVAC technicians need to have in order to properly service your unit. I’ll explain some of the Michigan HVAC certifications you’ll need to inquire about when hiring a technician to service or repair your unit.

Michigan HVAC Certifications : Are They Important?

There are several certifications that technician will need to have when they are working for an HVAC service or repair company. Although some may not require technicians to have these certifications it’s important to inquire about them when you speak to the HVAC service company on the phone. Ask about the technician they are sending out to repair or service your HVAC unit and see if they have these certifications. Or any other certifications as well even if they are not listed here.

NATE Certification for HVAC Technicians

The North American Technical Excellence certification is an independent, not for profit certification agency. They work primarily with HVAC and refrigeration technicians and aim to provide a system for technicians to show what they know. The NATE certification is one of the most popular certifications that an HVAC technician can have and anyone who services or repairs your HVAC unit should have a NATE certification. This is a nationally recognized certification.

EPA 608 Certification

You may not think about the Ozone layer in the atmosphere when your AC or Heating unit stops working but the EPA does. Since the mid 1990s the EPA requires anyone who deals with freons such as R22 or R402 to have the EPA 608 certification. This is a nationwide requirement for anyone who deals with freon and not just a Michigan HVAC certifications. Almost all HVAC units have freon in them of some sort. Technicians are required to have a EPA 608 certification to purchase freon as well.

The HVAC Excellence Certification

Since 1994, the HVAC Excellence certification has been serving the HVAC and refrigeration industries with certification programs and educational programs. They are a non-profit group that can not only help to determine if the technician is worthy of being hired by HVAC companies but they also run course material as well. They make sure the courses that technicians are using adhere to a professional service and responsibility. Technician who have this certification have passed a written test and practical test to prove their knowledge in the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

So What Happens if Your Technician Doesn’t Have Any Certifications?

Having a technician that doesn’t have the certification listed above can cause problems. If they are not allowed to handle freon, chances are they won’t even be able to check the charge of your HVAC unit. This is one of the main things that a technician will do when servicing a unit. Even if it’s just an annual inspection of the unit, the freon will need to be checked which means the technician will need the EPA 608 certification which is just one of the Michigan HVAC certifications that your service technician needs when getting Michigan HVAC repair.