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Installing a Ductless AC in Michigan

Installing a Ductless AC in Michigan

Lately there has been a lot of talk about ductless air conditioners and how they stack up against your average central air conditioner. They offer huge benefits for people who simply can’t get an air conditioner to parts of their home normally. For older homes especially the ductless AC in Michigan is a good idea. I’ll go over how these air conditioners work and why you may decide to install a ductless ac rather than a normal AC in Michigan in this article. 

Installing a Ductless AC in Michigan

During the hot Summer if you don’t have an air conditioner you may be suffering. For many people who live in homes that standard air conditioners just isn’t a viable option there are choices they can have and one of those choices is ductless air conditioners. Ductless air conditioners have grown in popularity over the past decade and there are even some television commercials promoting them now from manufacturers. They give a great option to home owners who have trouble with installing standard air conditioners. I’ll go over some of the benefits of using ductless AC in Michigan and how they work.

Ductless Air Conditioners Are Not Window Air Conditioners

Many people confuse window air conditioners with ductless air conditioners. Although they are designed to cool a single room they are completely different in how they operate. A window air conditioner is basically a package that needs to exhaust air from it. A window air conditioner will need a window or a hole cut into the wall where the exhaust is located.

However, a ductless air conditioner doesn’t need this exhaust port. Since the ductless air conditioner is basically a small split unit it does not need to exhaust any air. The compressor and condensing coil are located on the exterior of the home and a small conduit is run to the room where air conditioning is needed. The unit that is placed on the inside of the home contains controls, a fan blower, and the evaporating coil for the unit. A ductless air conditioner can be placed in a room without windows and would only need a small opening for conduit to travel down to the exterior unit.

Ductless ac unit in Michigan

There can also be more ductless air conditioners installed with only a small outside unit supplying them. Most homes with up stairs that conventional air conditioner systems are too expensive can really benefit from ductless air conditioners.

Cost of Adding a Ductless AC Unit in Michigan

If your home currently has central air conditioning you may be able to add ducts and supply rooms with comfortable air. However, for many older homes that were not designed with ducting and central heating in mind the cost of adding these ducts and cooling system to other rooms may be really expensive. Also for home that are close to the ground and ducts under the home won’t work and there is no room in the attic one of the most obvious choices is the ductless air conditioner.

The cost of running new duct in a home where there has previously not been any sort of air conditioning duct can be expensive. The cost of the ductless air conditioner is usually cheaper than running ducts in these sort of bad locations. they can really help you cool an area that seems to be separated from the home as well.

Benefits of a Ductless AC System

There are many benefits to using a ductless AC system. The most obvious is the price comparison when you need to run duct to cool a room that isn’t readily accessible to the standard air conditioning system. For larger homes the benefit of not running long duct lines which can lose up to 30% of it’s cooling before it enters a room a ductless system will work great. Since there is no energy loss between the unit and the room being cooled the ductless AC will be more energy efficient. Combined with the fact that you can only use the unit when you need it and let it cool just that room you can really get some energy savings from a ductless AC in Michigan.

If you’re ready to cool that room that doesn’t fit into your home’s standard AC unit then it’s time to call Michigan HVAC Pros today and get a ductless AC installed.


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