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Avoid AC Repairs this Summer With These Tips for Michigan Residents

With the weather heating up chances are your AC unit will be working harder than ever to keep your home cool and comfortable. This summer, help your AC unit by following some tips to keep it running smoothly. These tips can also help to save energy by cutting down on the energy used by the AC system. With summer fast approaching be sure to look over these AC tips to avoid AC repairs this summer. 

Avoid AC Repair this Summer With These Tips

Just because your air conditioner is running okay and not giving any problems doesn’t mean that all is well with it. Properly maintaining your HVAC unit is key to it having a long life and keeping your home cool and comfortable. I’ll go over some tips in this article that will help you properly care for your AC unit and keep it running at peak performance to ensure you can avoid AC repairs this Summer. Although these tips are geared toward Michigan residents, anyone can follow these tips for better performance of their AC system.

Clean The Exterior Unit of the AC System

One of the most overlooked items in keeping an AC system running properly is the exterior unit. Allowing grass and weeds to grow around the unit can cause problems with air flow around the unit. Because the unit is designed to pull air and cool the hot gases that have exited the home it’s important that it has proper air flow. There should be at least 1 foot of clearance around the unit. For larger units, there may be even more space required. If you have an enclosure around the AC unit make sure it doesn’t block the air flow to the unit. Many home owners are now installing walls around the HVAC unit to hide them from view. Be sure there is ample space inside the enclosure to allow for air flow.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

One of the most inexpensive ways to lengthen the life of your HVAC unit is to change the air filters regularly. Changing the air filters only costs a few dollars. It’s usually a good idea to change the air filters each month especially if you live in an area that is dusty or on a gravel road. To learn more about when and why you should change your air filter regularly be sure to check out our recent article: When Should You Change Your AC or Furnace Filter in Michigan? When the air filters in your AC unit are dirty they restrict air flow. This makes the unit use more energy to power fans and to deliver cool air inside the home. Keeping air filters clean and changed regularly can help with energy efficiency of the unit.

Have Proper Attic Ventilation

Although this tip doesn’t have a connection with the AC unit it can have a drastic effect on cooling the home. A home with proper attic ventilation is much easier to keep cool because the heat that is usually trapped in the attic is released. To check if your attic is properly ventilated be sure to check the temperature of the attic late in the day after a hot summer day. If the attic is so hot that it takes your breath away you may need better attic ventilation.

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Get an Annual Inspection

To be sure your home’s AC unit is performing the way it should it’s always best to get an annual inspection of the HVAC unit. The technician can check things that a home owner won’t be able to check such as refrigerant levels. By getting an annual inspection like this the technician may also find problems that are about to occur and offer advice to fix it before it causes the unit to fail completely. Another great thing about getting an annual inspection of your HVAC unit is that the technician will usually clean the  unit to keep it working properly. Cleaning the coils of the unit will also help with air flow which will in turn make the unit more energy efficient. It’s best to get your HVAC unit inspected at the beginning of summer or winter so that when it really needs to work flawlessly, you’ll be ready.