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Lighting Your Furnace Pilot Light for Michigan Residents

For Michigan residents the choices of heating your home usually include natural gas or propane gas (LPG). If you use one of these options as your heating source for the winter then chances are you’re familiar with a pilot light and what happens when it goes out. This article will discuss how to relight your pilot light on your furnace. 

Lighting Your Furnace Pilot Light for Michigan Residents

First and foremost, if you do not feel comfortable doing this sort of repair yourself then don’t. A typical service call for relighting a pilot light is not very expensive and usually only takes a few minutes for a trained technician. Also be aware that this is a general article and different models and manufacturers will have different setups and procedures to lighting a pilot light. If your furnace is different that what is discussed here then calling a technician for help with lighting your furnace pilot light may be needed.

Does Your Furnace Have a Pilot Light

Some of the newer model furnaces use an electric spark to ignite the burners in a furnace. These types of units don’t have a pilot light that burns all the time like traditional units. To see if your unit has a pilot light then check the owners manual of the unit. Also contained in the owners manual will be steps to relight or light your furnace pilot light as well. Follow the steps to relight your pilot light. It’s important that you follow the manufacturers steps in order to relight or light the furnace pilot light rather than following this guide.

If you don’t currently have an owners manual you can check if the manufacturer places that information online. Check on the manufacturer’s website like trane, Goodson, etc… If you’re still unable to find any information on relighting the pilot light you may want to check in the area where the pilot light is located. Sometimes manufacturers will have instructions for lighting the pilot light adhered to a panel on the unit.

Lighting Your Furnace Pilot Light for Michigan Residents

General Steps to Lighting Your Furnace Pilot Light

First you’ll need to locate the pilot light assembly. On most units this will be a small valve with a dial on it. It may also have a button that you can depress as well. If you can’t find this pilot light assembly it may be located inside the unit and you would need to remove panels in order to get to it. You should not remove any panels unless you are trained properly in HVAC repair. There are electrical components that can electrocute you even if the unit is off.

If you’re able to see and access the pilot light assembly then turn the dial to ‘pilot’ or ‘light pilot’. Usually you will need to press in on the dial. There may be an electrical spark when you press in on the dial that attempts to light the pilot. You may also need to light the pilot with a match while the dial is pressed in. Hold the dial in for a few more seconds and let it go. If the pilot stays lit then you are good. If the pilot doesn’t stay lit you may need to relight and hold the dial in for a longer period of time. You should not need to hold it in for more than 2 minutes however. Anything longer and chances are there are other problems with your furnace that will need to be serviced. You may be able to use emergency heat until a service technician can get to your home.

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