Maintaining Your Boiler Heating System in Michigan

Maintaining Your Boiler Heating System in Michigan

Heating with boilers and steam systems was once a very popular way to heat a home. Today, most home owners use a forced air HVAC system that is powered by heating oils, gases, or electricity. However, many of these systems are still being used today and they if maintained properly can last for decades. If you’re still heating with a boiler heating system here are some tips for maintaining your boiler heating system in Michigan that a home owner can do.

Maintaining Your Boiler Heating System in Michigan

One thing that you’ll need to keep in mind when working with a boiler system in Michigan is that it can be very dangerous. Escaping steam or hot water from the system can severely burn you. So if you are unsure about anything that is discussed here be sure to consult a professional HVAC company in Michigan to service the unit for you. So if you’re ready to get started here are the tips for maintaining your boiler heating system in Michigan.

Michigan Boiler Heater System

Keep it Clean

Radiators, baseboard units, and even the boiler vents themselves need to be clean. If you’re using radiators as some sort of make shift table or a place to hang your damp clothes or gloves, don’t do it. Air needs to flow through and when there are objects that don’t allow that it can lead to a lesser performing system. Another one of the banes of the boiler system is dust. When dust starts to build up especially on baseboard units it can really restrict air flow.

In order to clean the unit properly you’ll want to use a vacuum to remove any dust from the unit. Especially pay attention to vents in the system. Vents that allow air to go into the boiler unit itself is important and needs to be vacuumed at least annually. Radiators and baseboard units can also be vacuumed to remove any dust from them.

Check For Leaking Water

Always look for leaking water when you’re maintaining your boiler heating system in Michigan. Water leaks can start small and may not be noticeable at first but they’ll likely get larger and when that happens it can lead to all sorts of problems. Especially check around pipe connections, valves, and gauges. These are the more likely spots that the unit will be leaking. If you find a leak it’s best to call a licensed professional to work on the unit. Steam under pressure can escape from the unit causing severe burns.

Inspect the Systems Valves

Most modern boiler heating systems in Michigan has an air valve that helps to regulate the air and water in the system. Routinely check the gauges to make sure they are within operating specifications of the system. Sometimes you may need to add water to the system or adjust the valves. You can check the service manual for the unit you have in your home for more details on this procedure. You may also want to get an annual check on the boiler unit in order to make sure it’s performing properly.

For commercial applications you will need to call a professional to do a routine boiler maintenance. You can get maintenance for a commercial boiler in Dearborn Michigan to resolve any commercial issues.

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