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Need a Michigan HVAC Pro? Here's How to Tell

Need a Michigan HVAC Pro? Here’s How to Tell

The HVAC system in your home is designed to perform without any intervention from home owners other than a setting of the thermostat and routine maintenance. We typically don’t think about the HVAC system in our homes until there is a problem with it and we need a Michigan HVAC pro to check it out and get it back to working order. However, sometimes there are things you can do as a home owner that don’t require the help of a technician. I’ll go over some of these items in this article. 

Need a Michigan HVAC Pro? Here’s How to Tell

Sometimes there is a need for a technician to look at your system to get it repaired and back in working order. These tips are for homeowners but if you are uncomfortable doing any of these repairs or maintenance then calling in a HVAC service company in Michigan may be more suited. These tips apply to both a working unit that is not producing enough heat or cool and also a unit that is not working at all.


First Check the Thermostat to the HVAC System

Setting the thermostat incorrectly can cause the unit not to perform as it should. Check each setting including fan and mode settings. If you need to change a setting be sure to give the system at least 3 minutes for a reset to occur. Then you can check the unit to see if it powers on. Sometimes dust can accumulate in the thermostat and you’ll need to blow in the thermostat to clear the dust. If the unit comes on then be sure to clean the thermostat and surrounding areas by vacuuming the dust from around and on it.

Next Check the Power to the HVAC System

If the unit is not working at all then the power may be off to the unit. Sometimes during storms a power surge can cause circuit breakers to trip and cut power to the unit. Do not open any panels on the HVAC unit. The circuit breakers will be located in your home’s electric panel. If the breakers are tripped or off, then reset the breakers and then check the unit.

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Is The Unit Now Running?

If you have checked the thermostat and the power to the unit and it’s not running then chances are you’re going to need a Michigan HVAC Pro. If the unit is running but not providing the level of comfort you desire you can also check and change the air filter. The air filter on the system is designed to catch dust, dirt, and debris from entering into the system. The air filter needs to be changed at least once per month and if it looks dirty then changing it may solve your problem and you won’t need a Michigan HVAC Pro.

You can also clean the area around the air filter with a vacuum. But do not spray any solvents or cleaning fluids inside the air ducts. You may also want to check to see if your air ducts are leaking. If none of these help to solve your problem then you’ll want to get a Michigan HVAC Pro to check and repair your system.

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