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Tips to Save Money on Heating Costs in Michigan

With winter now in full force here in Michigan it’s important that we keep our homes warm and cozy. Unfortunately, to get them really cozy means taking a huge hit on your energy costs for heating the home. To get the best of both worlds which is a warm home that you can enjoy and also a bit of a break in energy costs be sure to check out these tips for saving money on heating costs in Michigan. Just following a few of these tips should give you some help with home energy bills.¬†

Tips to Save Money on Heating Costs in Michigan

It seems like each winter here in Michigan the heating costs keep rising. And it seems like that trend isn’t going to change any time soon. Getting a bit of help on heating costs by cutting down your energy usage is a great idea. Many of the tips below are simple and can be implemented quickly so you’ll see results in the first month. If there is a tip that we haven’t mentioned that you wish to share please share in the comments section below this post.

Use Fans to Your Advantage Even in the Winter

It may seem a bit counter productive but ceiling fans are a great way to help heat the home in winter. As air gets warmer it rises. So the temperature of the air in the top few feet of the room is typically warmer than air at floor level. Having a ceiling fan push that warm air down to the seating area and floor area can almost instantly make the room a few degrees warmer. For homes with high ceilings this can help bring the room temperature up dramatically. It can also help to level out the temperature in the room so it doesn’t have warm and cold spots.

Tips to Save Money on Heating Costs in Michigan

Adjust Your Thermostat Lower and Bundle Up

Adjusting your thermostat just a few degrees can have a huge effect on heating costs. This is especially true if your home is not insulated well. Keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees instead of 72 degrees can save lots of money on heating costs in Michigan. You may want to bundle up more if you find yourself cold. There is a way to get the best of both worlds however and that is by using a programmable thermostat.

Get a Programmable Thermostat Installed in Your Home

Most people leave their homes empty during the day. In fact, for 8 hours or more there is usually no one at home. Yet, for most of that time we continue to heat and cool the home as if they were home. Getting a programmable thermostat can lower the temperature and cut heating costs dramatically during the day when no one is home. Then as 5 o’clock strikes that thermostat can raise the temperature in the home to a normal level. This is a tremendous way to save money on heating costs in Michigan especially if your home is empty for hours during the day. I prefer to use the programmable thermostat to also drop the temperature at night as well and then warm the home up in the morning before I get up.

This is a tremendous way to save money on heating costs in Michigan especially if your home is empty for hours during the day.

Let the Sun Help Heat Your Home

One area that many home owners overlook is how well the sun can heat their homes and give your heating system a bit of help. If you have windows that allow sunlight to enter the home be sure to open the blinds and curtains so that sunlight can help bring the temperature up in the room.

Get Regular Maintenance on Your Furnace or HVAC System

Each and every day your HVAC system and furnace work behind the scenes to make your home comfortable for you and your family. It’s often overlooked until something goes wrong so getting regular maintenance to ensure it keeps going is very beneficial. Many times HVAC contractors will perform maintenance on the furnace or HVAC system to help it become more energy efficient. They clean ducts and fan blades to help air move better along with other routine items which help the unit perform more energy efficient. If your furnace or HVAC system hasn’t been inspected lately make sure to get an annual inspection and maintenance done to save some money on heating costs in Michigan today.