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Reasons that a Furnace May Be Your Best Bet for Heating in Michigan

Keeping your home comfortable during the colder winter months in Michigan means you’ll need a great heating system in place. For many Michigan home owners that means having a furnace that delivers heat. Today’s furnaces are designed to use less energy and fuel and provide a source of heat for home. When getting a new furnace installed in Michigan be sure to use a properly licensed HVAC contractor in Michigan to make sure it’s done right. We’ll go over some of the tips that you’ll need 

Reasons that a Furnace May Be Your Best Bet for Heating in Michigan

Furnaces: they’re one of the oldest home heating systems. They have been in existence since the times when they utilized wood and coal to produce heat and were little more than stoves that were attached to pipes to carry air to various parts of a house. However, furnaces have actually advanced with the times, and contemporary units that operate on gas power stay the most common type of heating system discovered in houses today.

As it’ll come to new home heating installation, furnaces are one of the best options. Always be certain to speak to professionals before making a choice, as numerous factors go into locating the proper heating system to fit a home.

Reasons that a Furnace May Be Your Best Bet for Heating in Michigan

The Benefits of a Furnace

Astronomical energy bills and environmental concerns have boosted awareness about more efficient cooling and heating sources. In May of 2013, the United States Department of Energy issued that every furnace has to convert at least 80% of its fuel into heat, or AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), yet older units might run at about 65%, which means 35 percent of the fuel is wasted. But, a high-efficiency furnace has between a 90 – 95% AFUE, utilizing less fuel and decreasing your environmental footprint and heating bills. Here are some of the advantages of high-efficiency furnaces to assist you in determining if they are the proper heating option for you.

There are several reasons a furnace makes for a great option for residential comfort. Here are just a few:

Savings may be substantial

Although buying a new furnace might be expensive, depending upon the change in AFUE, it’s possible to be looking at savings as high as 30 percent and the furnace is going to pay for itself after a couple of years. But it’s vital that you keep in mind that some construction might be needed to accommodate drain lines and extra CVC vent pipe discovered in high-efficiency furnaces. High-efficiency furnaces are investments, yet one which will be better for your pocketbook in the long-term.

Furnace might last longer

A high-efficiency furnace has a built-in system which extracts moisture inside the heat exchanger and it’s made to stand up to chemical buildup. Also, they have a more economical off-and-on cycling program; therefore, they’ll last longer, so long as they are correctly maintained. Though, it’s still important to ensure you know the warranty that accompanies your system.

They will boast a higher performance level

A newer unit means newer technology; therefore, you will benefit from advances in sound-absorbing materials and gas valves. The furnace provides more consistent and better heating from room to another, yet the noise is going to be almost non-existent.

Improved air flow

Your heat, with variable speed motors, is going to be uniform all throughout your house. While you will be more comfortable, you also will be breathing healthier air — the newer filtration systems are going to remove dust, mold, and additional air impurities which could lead to allergies or other irritations.

They are substantially better for our environment

In using 1/3 of the fuel your older furnace did, high-efficiency units have lower carbon dioxide emissions, as well as assist in conserving natural resources. Newer furnaces can be great for energy efficiency of your home.

Call for Expert Furnace Installation

An appliance as complex and large as a furnace—no matter the kind of energy it uses—has to receive installation work from experienced professionals. It’s particularly important as it’ll come to a gas furnace; it’s illegal for anybody except a licensed technician to work on a gas furnace installation.

For the furnace installation service in Michigan needed to give your home great winter heat for many winters to come, contact the crew at Michigan HVAC Pros today and book an appointment.

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