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Upgrades a New Furnace in Michigan Can Mean for Your Home

During the cold winter weather our furnaces are working hard to keep us comfortable in our homes. Keeping the home at a comfortable temperature each day and through the cold Michigan winter nights, a good furnace is a must. Many furnaces are designed to last for a number of years and sometimes it’s not uncommon for a furnace to be installed 20 years or even longer before needing to be replaced. With a good maintenance record your furnace can last a long time. There are some advantages to getting a new furnace however. Since there have been some advantages of furnaces in Michigan over the past decade or so it may be worth your while to invest in a new furnace for your Michigan home. 

Upgrades a New Furnace in Michigan Can Mean for Your Home

One of the best times of year to replace a furnace is during the fall. Before the cold weather gets here can ensure you enjoy your winter being nice and cozy and enjoying all the benefits of a new furnace for your home. There are some advantages to installing a new furnace during the spring of the year however. Typically, you will get a better price on units that are last years model. And many times the designs and function usually doesn’t change much from year to year. There are some big changes that you should be looking for in a  new furnace however which we’ll include below:

Upgrades a New Furnace in Michigan Can Mean for Your Home

Low Noise and Quiet Operation at All Times

Installing a new furnace in your home means you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of a quieter system. Older systems didn’t really take into consideration the noise factor of the furnace. Today’s furnaces are designed to run more quieter even when they are operating on full blast. Installing the furnace in the basement or garage of the home can also cut down on noise considerably. So if you’re getting a new furnace be sure to be aware of the noise factor.

Variable Speed Fans and Blowers

HVAC systems and furnaces usually have at least one fan motor or blower motor that moves air around. While blowing cold air faster is better when it comes to warm air sometimes slowing down the fan to simply push the air rather than blast it into a a room is desired. Today’s furnaces have variable speed motors which can be very beneficial. As the motor speeds up it makes it much less noticeable as well which helps with noise. The variable speed blower also helps to keep the room at a more stable temperature rather than having huge temperature swings in the room that is being heated by the furnace.

Zone Heating in Your Home

One of the biggest advantages of a newer HVAC system or furnace is the introduction of zoned heating. Zone heating in your home is a great way to keep some areas comfortable while not spending money heating an area that isn’t used. For instance, if you have spare bedrooms in your home that are not used, why heat them to the same temperature as areas of the home that are used and frequented. Zoned heating helps to eliminate the need to heat these rooms. And if you need to heat these rooms you’ll simply turn that zone on or adjust the temperature in that zone.

Blower Delay on the Furnace

Another great feature that was once a huge nuisance is adding blower delay. When the furnace activates and comes on, everything including the air in the ducts and the blower are cold. This can give you a blast of cold air initially when the blower comes one. Today’s furnace blowers have temperature sensors that delay the blower until the air reaches a certain temperature. Used with a variable speed fan which starts slowly and picks up speed this can help to eliminate that initial blast of cold air that many older furnaces have.

Enjoy Better Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of getting a new furnace installed in your home is adding energy efficiency. Today’s furnaces are much more energy efficient than those made just 10 years ago. Be sure to consider the energy efficiency rating when purchasing a new furnace. Need a HVAC contractor in Michigan to install a new furnace? Be sure to contact Michigan HVAC pros today for a free estimate!