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Do You Really Need to Replace Your Furnace?

If you’ve had your furnace installed for some time and it breaks down you may consider just replacing the unit rather than attempting to repair it. But there is much to consider when deciding to replace your furnace rather than just a simple repair. Some companies may even try to pressure you into replacing a unit when just a small repair would do the trick. In this article I’ll go over some of the things you’ll certainly want to know if you’re considering replacing your furnace.

Tips to Help You Decide on Whether to Replace Your Furnace or Get it Repaired

There are two types of repairs when it comes to furnaces. The first is an emergency repair. Although the repair may not be an emergency situation it does need to be done as soon as possible. These sorts of repairs happen when the unit breaks down and is no longer working. When faced with an emergency repair of a furnace many times the homeowner is forced to either repair or replace the unit. Deciding to replace your furnace in an emergency situation is what some HVAC really like since they make more money typically on replacing a furnace.

The second type of repair is one that happens when a technician notices a problem during an inspection. The unit is still functioning properly but will need to be serviced and repaired soon. This gives the homeowner some leeway. It may even provide an ample amount of time for them to check prices of competitors, inquire into newer more energy efficient models, etc… Repairs such as this is why it’s so important to have your furnace inspected. To find these problems before they turn into emergency repairs.

The type of repair you have will determine if you need to replace or repair your furnace. Sometimes installations can last a few days depending on your homes installation needs. During this time the home will not have any heat. Having the installation done in the Springtime or Fall is best since you won’t be forced to stay in a hotel or a cold home.

If you’re already in the Winter months and it’s cold outside like it is here in Michigan then repairing the unit may be a better option. You’ll want to consider the cost of repair however. But typically by getting a unit repaired rather than replaced the time til it’s working again is usually faster if the unit is repaired.

What About the Price of Repair Vs Replace Your Furnace?

It’s very easy for a technician to say it’s much better to replace a furnace rather than to repair it. While it may be true and most technicians will be straight forward with you on this its better to get the facts. You’ll need to ask for price quotes on both a full repair and for the new installation. Asking for a quote means you’ll have the prices for both and you’ll be able to compare the two. You’ll also want to consider how much time and inquire about that also.