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Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner in Taylor Michigan?

Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner in Taylor Michigan?

During the hot summer months, having an air conditioner that can keep your home cool and comfortable is a must. Sometimes however, systems start to break down and aren’t as efficient as they once were. In fact, it may still be just as efficient but nowhere near today’s standards for energy efficiency. It leaves many people wondering if they should continue with their old system or opt for a new air conditioner installation in Taylor Michigan. We’ll cover some of the problems and upgrades that you may not even be aware of below.

Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner in Taylor Michigan?

There are many options for air conditioners today than there were just a few short years ago. Now, newer air conditioners are qiueter, more energy efficient and have components that allow it to keep the air at a more comfortable temperature. Older systems may have a swing temperature such as between 68 and 73 which means a swing temperature of 5 degrees. While this may not be a problem for some people, many people notice the difference right away once a new system is installed with better temperature control. Basically, the home owner just didn’t realize there was a better way to cool their home.

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No matter what type of air conditioner you may have the one thing that it should do well is cool your home. Of course, older system aren’t going to be as energy efficient but sometimes the upgrade may not be worth it if that’s the only thing there is. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to upgrade to a new air conditioner in Taylor Michigan rather than waiting.

Your System is Older

When your system is over 12 years old a lot of stuff can go wrong. Older systems can sometimes cost more to repair due to discontinued parts and supplies as well. If your system is older it’s also likely not going to be covered by any warranty or guarantee as well. Getting a new air conditioner installed can mean your AC is protected for the next 10 years or even more depending on the make and model of the air conditioner you decide on.

Your HVAC System is Too Small for your Living Space

A lot of people are now working from home and many of them make extra living space in attics and basements. Adding extra living space means more area that your air conditioner has to keep cool. If you don’t have a supplemental system for this extra living space, you may need to upgrade your main air conditioner to a larger size to accommodate for the extra living space.

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Your Air Conditioner Uses Too Much Energy

As I mentioned above an air conditioner that was made 20 years ago will not be as energy efficient as some of the models today even if they are working at peak performance. Chances are they won’t be at peak performance as well because over time the components will start to break down and use more power. debris and dust can accumulate in the system making it more difficult to move air which puts a larger load on fan blowers and such. If the unit is starting to break down you may also see high energy consumption as well which can mean you need air conditioner repair if you decide not to get a new system installed.

Your Air Conditioner Constantly Needs Repairs

That leads us to the next problem, constant repairs are needed. If parts are starting to fail and need to be replaced on your air conditioner it may be a good idea to go ahead and replace the system completely to avoid further break downs.

Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Have Modern Features

Many of the more modern air conditioners have features which can help to keep the system running more smoothly. They can also help to control the temperature and sound from the unit better. Not only that but having a more modern system can mean more features that can save energy and give you more control over the system as well. It’s best to talk with a qualified Air conditioner installer such as Superior Comfort HVAC to learn about options and systems available. Call them at (734) 818-7141 for more details and get a free quote on your next air conditioner.