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What to Do if Your Air Conditioner in Downriver Michigan Isn’t Working

What to Do if Your Air Conditioner in Downriver Michigan Isn’t Working

Though Summer doesn’t feel that close, it can certainly creep up on us fast. While many homeowners love Summer, it can be pretty dreadful if your air conditioner in Downriver Michigan isn’t properly working. It’s important to have air conditioning to keep you cool while the air begins to warm up from Winter, so if your air conditioner isn’t properly working, then don’t call a professional HVAC expert just yet, there’s still a few things you can test yourself to see what the problem is.

What to Do if Your Air Conditioner in Downriver Michigan Isn’t Working

If your air conditioner has stopped working completely or just isn’t cooling properly, then there’s some things you can try before having to call in a professional to look at it. These things can be done by the average homeowner, so you shouldn’t feel intimidated at all. There’s a few simple problems that we’ll cover first, then we’ll move onto the more advanced ones. Regardless, all of these steps are simple and shouldn’t cause you any trouble, so let’s go over them.

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  • Disconnect Switches Are Turned Off

You should have two disconnect switches, one is inside and one is outside, these switches could have been turned off by mistake which would make your AC unit stop completely. These switches are different for each home, they could be in the attic or somewhere else.

Fix: The fix is as simple as it can be, simply locate where the disconnect switches are in and around your home and flip them back on.

  • Air Filter Is Old And Dirty

Air filters should be changed every 2-3 months, if your air filter is old and dirty then it could cause trouble with the airflow, leaving your AC unit to work harder. This can cause issues with cooling as the coils will begin freezing up and interrupt air flow from your air conditioner.

Fix: If you’ve located your air filter slot, simply take the old air filter out and take it to any home improvement shop around your area. Match your old filter with a new one and return home, simply install the new air filter and you should be back up and running.

  • Dead Batteries In Your Thermostat

Many homeowners will overlook this, if your air conditioner isn’t working then it could simply be dead batteries in your home’s thermostat. This can happen out of nowhere, so be sure to check your batteries to see if they’re dead or not.

Fix: This is one of the easiest fixes, thermostats typically take triple A batteries, simply buy some replacement batteries and pop them in your thermostat, if that fixes the problem, great! If it doesn’t all hope isn’t lost. There’s more things you can try.

  • You’ve Tripped The Breaker

An air conditioner that has stopped working could simply be because of a tripped breaker, while this can happen randomly, it’s important to know that if you reset the breaker and it happens again then it could be an even deeper problem.

Fix: Locate your breaker box and see if the breaker is switched off for the AC unit, if it is then switch it back on. If it trips the breaker again, don’t try and switch it back on. Call a HVAC professional instead.

  • Your AC Unit Is Damaged

This can happen if you have large animals or children that play outside, something such as a ball or body hitting against the AC unit could potentially damage the components inside of it, making your AC unit to stop working or cool properly.

Fix: Unfortunately if you aren’t experienced with HVAC systems, you may not be able to further proceed in trying to find the problem in your AC unit. It’s much more efficient if you hire a professional instead, as they’ll know exactly what to look for.

If none of these issues are the cause of your air conditioner not working, then all hope isn’t lost for it. Call a HVAC professional to come and inspect your AC unit to ensure no damage has been done to the components. If these problems did help solve your issues, then make sure to keep them in mind if your air conditioner ever stops working again so that you can save yourself a headache. One of the best HVAC contractors in Downriver Michigan is Superior Comfort HVAC. Call them today at (734) 818-7141 for AC services.